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How to maintain books of account under income tax law?-Some tips - V.S.Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant

Section 44AA [inserted by the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 1975, with effect from 1st April, 1976] of the Income-tax Act, 1961 calls for compulsory maintenance of books of accounts by the income-tax assessees in the country.  With effect from assessment year 1999-2000, the monetary limits of income and turnover prescribed for maintenance of books of account under section 44AA have been considerably increased.  Further, certain businessmen like transport operators, contractors, retail traders and other taxpayers falling under the so-called Estimated Income Scheme (EIS) are also exempted from maintaining books of account, provided the profits and gains declared by them is not lower than the amount specified in the relevant section as may be applicable to them.  Further, with the amendment of section 145, from 1st April, 1997, income chargeable under the head ‘profits and gains from business or profession’ or ‘income from other sources’ can be computed by following either the cash or mercantile system of accounting.  In other words, a mixture or ‘hybrid’ method of accounting is not permitted.  This article written by V.S.Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant enlightens the taxpayers as to whether they are required to maintain any books of account under the income-tax law and, if required, where and for how many years should the same are required to be preserved, etc. [Published in Current Taxcom News-Volume 13, Part III, Issue No.3]

How to pay advance tax? – Some tips - V.S.Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant

Under income-tax law in India, tax-payers are required to pay advance tax on their income, which they expect to earn during the current year.  For instance, for financial year 2004-05 (relevant to assessment year 2005-06), advance tax is payable in installments during 2004-05 itself.  No doubt, the advance tax so paid is adjusted against the total tax assessed for that assessment year, i.e., assessment year 2005-06.  The provisions relating to advance tax apply to all assessees.  It is clearly implicit therein that a representative assessee is not exempt from liability to pay advance tax.  This write-up by Mr. V.S.Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant deals with tax-tips on how to pay advance tax in India. [Published in Current Taxcom News- Volume 14, Part III, Issue No.7]

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