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Dear Professional Colleagues & Friends,

A Hearty Welcome from taxinfo-india, a unique tax forum of India founded by Mr. V S Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant.

It is a public square where you can open any sort of discussion on any matter related to all taxes as may be prevalent in India. You may not only raise past, current or future problems and questions on all taxes but also bring forward any topic relevant for due consideration, appropriate discussion, and possible solution.

We provide the best opportunity for one and all who are joining us for an open discussion and grievance redressal as regards tax matters in India. They can raise any sort of questions; they can also get resolved any of their problems; all related to all taxes in India. 

The only thing the readers must do before starting any sort of discussion is simple. Just become a member of our tax forum. That’s all. Join us as our members today and enjoy more and more benefits every day. Welcome to! ~Team taxinfo-india headed by Mr. V S Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant.

Taxinfo-India-Our Vision

"A vision with no action is a dream; an action with no vision is a nightmare". At taxinfo-india, our vision is very clear and vivid. It is all about empowering Indian taxpayers by embracing tax laws of the land.

According to our founding principles, people with clean hands should not suffer at the hands of taxmen who play with a high hand. The taxpayers need not throw up their hands in despair but they must keep their hands in dealing with the issues made and they should be able to tackle the situation in their favour.

An illiterate in today’s world is not the person who has not learnt, but the person who has not learnt the art of learning, de-learning and re-learning, as rightly said by Alvin Toffler, World’s most famous futurologist. In this context, we do facilitate and make it easier for every taxpayer in India to become genuine literate by learning the art of learning, de-learning and re-learning a2z on law of income tax, as it goes.

However, putting someone wise to taxing matters in a country like India is neither a laughing matter nor a child’s play. But we the tax people at taxinfo-india are just doing the same by wising up all who want to know everything on matters related to income-tax in India. In fact, we are the right people with good taxing ideas, better tax concepts and the best techniques of tax planning and guidance.

With a team of dedicated professionals of proven experience and standing, we do care for not only taxpayers in the country but also all tax professionals, including tax advocates, chartered accountants, tax practitioners, company executives and other consultants. If you are a person caught with any tax tangle in the hands of taxmen in India, then we are the right people with the right solution for you.

Are you suffering from tax issues, problems, worries etc.? Are you getting stranded in the jungle of direct taxation in India? Do not panic.

Right words open the right doors. Write down all your queries and doubts to us. We are for you 24 X 7 to help and take care of. You may just relax and get enlightened. Now it is our turn to guide you by all legal means and advice. Follow us today, to lead better tomorrow. You may please contact us at

Join us today to enjoy more benefits. Taxinfo-india is indeed India’s #1 destination for all your income-tax needs whatsoever it may be.

Taxation-Our Philosophy

According to our founding principles, good people with clean hands should not suffer at the hands of taxmen who may play with a high hand. 

In taxinfo-india, we do always advocate an optimal philosophy of taxation for the benefit of both the taxmen and the taxpayers. In our opinion, tax structure in India should be very simple but a broad based one and more emphasis should be laid on direct tax.

The general principles or laws of taxation applied should not exploit or over-tax people but taxation must provide the people as well as to the State, immunity from external and internal danger.

We accept wholeheartedly the words of golden advice from Kavi Kalidas in Raghuvansh. “It is only for the good of his subjects that the King collects taxes from them, just as the Sun draws moisture from the Earth to give it back a thousand fold"

The Governments may levy taxes, but taxes should be related to the income and expenditure of the subject. We, however, caution any Government against excessive taxation and strongly advise that both extremes should be avoided, viz., either complete absence of taxes or exorbitant taxation.

Further, the Governments should arrange the collection or recovery of taxes in such a manner that the tax paying citizens do not feel the pinch of paying taxes.

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To the Members of Taxinfo-India: Vel Subramaniam Vadivel FCA Writes...

My dear Members & Readers,

I am extremely delighted to meet you through these pages. I am very glad to inform you that our new forum on Indian taxation has received due appreciation from all our readers with overwhelming majority. 

On this occasion, I am to inform you that the tax forum is going to be more informative with many 'value added features' which shall be highly useful for all those who are involved in all aspects of taxation in India.

Majority of our readers do feel that it is a right medium through which they can echo their views and sentiments with regard to the perceptions about various matters of interest relevant for their profession in India.

It is our privilege to thank once again all our readers and members who have overwhelmingly received our forum all over the country. We promise that our tax forum will be of greater use to all our readers and we do hope to communicate and interact with you very effectively in the days to come.

We do request you to advise and encourage your fellow professionals, taxpayers, articled clerks, assistants and friends to go through this new forum for all taxinfo needs in India.

With warm regards & best wishes

V.S.Vadivel FCA ACS,

Editor, Taxinfo-india

taxinfo-India: Q & A Forum

In Q & A Forum, any type of question on income tax received from our registered members shall be answered by our Panel Of Experts headed by Mr. Vel Subramaniam Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant.

Readers may please raise any question on any matter related to income-tax law in India.

All questions may be sent to The sender must write his full name and postal address very clearly in the mail, invariably quoting his membership number.

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Become a proud member of taxinfo-india, the unique forum founded by  Mr. Vel Subramaniam Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant and discover the simple way of tax learning & planning.

We, the tax people at taxinfo-india, are very glad to announce free tax publications in digital mode exclusively for all our registered members. All our digital books on direct taxes authored by Mr Vel Subramanim Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant are worth more than the price.

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Our registered members may enjoy free book reading at their desktop since we shall be sending one e-book every month by mailing relevant soft copy to the member's e-mail id.

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Become a member of taxinfo-india founded by Mr. V. S. Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant and read all tax matters at ease every month.

Taxinfo-India: Tax Doctor

By Mr. Vel Subramaniam Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant

Our ‘tax doctor’ and his clinic are unique in all respects. Mr V. S .Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant plays the role of your tax-doctor and he is an authentic solution provider to all types of tax problems in India.

He not only prescribes an apt solution for any type of problem-related to direct-tax in India but also deals with how to weed out tax worries once and for all.

He also gives adequate lessons in tax planning to all our members and provides them with relevant knowledge and insight on how to fight on equal terms with tax problems and issues.

Members may please report their problems at with their full name and postal address, quoting their membership number.

Selected problems will be aptly treated by our tax doctor in this column.

Treatment for Members

Our tax doctor's clinic and his unique treatment~(offered by Mr. Vel Subramaniam Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant) shall be open only to our registered members and subscribers.

If you want to avail of the special treatment at the hands of our tax doctor, please join us today as a member. Non-members cannot avail any of our services at any cost.

Taxinfo-Digest-Newsletter Nonpareil

By Mr V. S. Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant

‘Taxinfo-Digest’ is our WEEKLY e-digest of all income tax events of notable importance. All our members shall receive this unique e-newsletter at their inboxes EVERY WEDNESDAY. It is a unique IT update in a simplified format.

No more need to go through tedious tax matters in a laborious manner. Simply go through the digest to know what you wanted to know. Please come on and discover the simple way of tax learning, e-learning and planning. Refresh yourself with latest tax developments. It’s so easy.




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Becoming a member of taxinfo-india founded by Mr. Vel Subramaniam Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant, is very simple but the benefits attached thereto are many and varied. Only our registered members and subscribers can avail of many of our services including:

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Tax Tips: Bi-Weekly

By Mr.V.S.Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant

Tax-Tips is our semimonthly digest containing useful tax tips on what you wanted to know. All our members and subscribers shall receive these tips (free of cost) at their e-mail id every alternate Mondays.

It is a unique tax planner and guide in a simplified format. Come on and discover the simple way of tax learning and planning. Join us today as members and enjoy a twice a month reading of Tax-Tips -a unique tax biweekly.


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Two Minutes, Please!

Two Minutes, Please!


You proceed to go through this website, may we draw your kind attention to the following:

"Many sites may be available in the web market for interactive tax planning, tax discussion, tax-talk etc., as regards direct–tax matters in India. How many of them are really authentic and giving reliable solutions and replies?  Please think over.

Only few homes shall prove useful for effective practice and guidance. Here comes a unique site on practice in income-tax law and other related direct-tax laws of India. It is a site, forming part of a unique category, which will friendly guide you, on all direct-tax matters, with respect to better planning and due compliance. We do differ from all other sites by our reliability. We do not simply discuss, but we provide authentic solutions to all your tax problems. Feel the difference.

Founded by Mr Vel Subramaniam Vadivel, FCA, ACS, an eminent chartered accountant of rare breed, taxinfo-india takes special pains in seeking to gratify the needs of all taxpayers & professionals in India, with good taxing ideas, better tax concepts and the best techniques of tax planning & solutions. Know the people.

Our taxinfo-india has been started as a forum with a clear-cut vision to uphold the social values while helping the Indian society especially the taxpayers to develop legally and morally by providing the necessary education and training of relevant taxing procedures, standards and issues, thus bringing about emancipation of the taxpaying community in India through proper knowledge, wisdom and creation of the much needed awareness on all matters related to income-tax. Know the values.

We strongly believe that a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. We have the firm belief, trust and confidence of a good leader to make all our guests & members feel at home. In our opinion, a fine may be a tax for doing anything wrong; but a tax should never be a fine for doing well. Hence our clarion call for empowerment of taxpayers by embracing tax laws. Join us today.

Above all, we don't want to be a leader who can take his people where they want to go. Instead we want to be a great leader who can take his people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be. Follow us today, to lead better tomorrow"

 -Team Taxinfo-India 

 Thanks, Come Again!

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