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Numbers that matter: V.S.Vadivel FCA ACS

12,89,229 companies

Total number of companies in India. As on 31.12.2012, a total of 12,89,229 companies were on the Register (consisting of 11,67,226 private limited companies and 1,22,003 public limited companies). Out of the above, 8,72,957 companies were at work, comprising 8,06,666 private limited and 66,291 public limited companies. A majority of the companies at work (about 80%) were operating in activities covered under four broad heads, namely, ‘Financing, Insurance, Real Estate and Renting, Business Services’ (31.57%), ‘Manufacturing’ (22.31%), ‘Wholesale and Retail Trade, Restaurants and Hotels’ (15.85%), and ‘Construction’ (10.74%) sectors. [Source: MCA Annual Report 2012-13]

Numbers that matter: V.S.Vadivel FCA ACS

3,799 foreign companies

Number of foreign companies in India. As on 31.03.2012, there were 3,191 foreign companies in India as defined under Section 591 of the Companies Act, 1956. The number of foreign companies increased to 3,799 by the end of December 2012. Five States/UTs, account for over 90% of the total of 3,799 foreign companies, with a place of business located in India. The States/UTs are: (i) Delhi (1,737), (ii) Maharashtra (940), (iii) Karnataka (338), (iv) Haryana (246) and (v) Tamil Nadu (228) [Source: MCA Annual Report 2012-13]

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Numbers that matter: V. S. Vadivel FCA.

Rupees 4.73 lakh crore

Amount of indirect taxes collected during 2012-13, according to data from the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.