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About V S Vadivel FCA

Mr. V S Vadivel, FCA, ACS, Chartered Accountant is widely known throughout India for his impeccable style of author-craft and for his reader-friendly skill as an author of professional books (especially for chartered accountants and others) in India.

Mr. V S Vadivel FCA ACS always believes in making life simpler for professionals in India. He has so far authored 34 books on various topics of direct taxation and auditing meant for ready reference and useful guidance of chartered professionals in India. His notable books for professionals include many bestsellers and new trendsetters.

Mr. V S Vadivel FCA ACS who holds an impressive academic background is a renowned Chartered Accountant of a rare breed. He has secured several academic and professional distinctions and honours. He is also the founder-editor of taxinfo-india, a unique forum for tax professionals and payers in India. 

He is a Chennai based Chartered Accountant having more than two decades of professional experience. He is an expert very skillful in matters related to auditing and tax laws especially direct taxation. He is an excellent author and unique authority in the field of tax auditing and direct tax laws in India.

He has vast experience in various types of audit both in public sector and the private sector in India.  He has copious writings to his credit. He has so far authored several hundreds of articles on various subjects in the areas of auditing and taxation. Many of his articles have appeared in many leading professional journals and periodicals both in India and abroad.

He has also been actively associated with various professional institutions and socio-economic bodies and groups spread all across the world.

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